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Alyssa Click

Yoga Instructor

YogaAlliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Styles Taught

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Yoga Sculpt

My Yoga Journey

Movement has always been an important part of my life. As a performer, I have taken and taught years of dance classes, movement classes, and stage combat classes but I always wanted something I could do just for me. When I was younger, I remember summer camp classes of all of us watching a VHS or DVD of a super advanced yoga class and being overwhelmed and feeling a lot of pain. One of my biggest resistances to having a practice was because of injuries and other issues I grew up with. I felt like I was being forced to hurt myself to get better.


Even though I had taken yoga classes every now and again since being a kid, I first started my consistent yoga practice in 2018 when I attended OperaWorks in Los Angeles. It was the first time I had taken classes 6 days a week with a teacher giving me all sorts of modifications. It absolutely blew my mind! I found a level of spirituality and meditation I hadn't thought of before in this new way of moving my body. Shortly after, I returned to Boston and started taking classes around the city in my downtime. I found so many different studios and styles of practice that I absolutely loved and I knew I wanted to do more.

When I got my first certification with CorePower Yoga, I was thrilled to be teaching Yoga Sculpt in Boston! I got to talk about all of these amazing things that happen when you move your body to live your most authentic life. Then Covid shut us all down. Over the year-long shutdown, I had lost that fire. As one of the initial teachers to help re-open the Boston Comm Ave location, I was so excited to be back with my friends moving my body in a way that I loved! As I transferred to New York City, I knew that the yoga community was the one I wanted to be a part of and I decided to make it my full-time job so I could focus on my yoga teaching and growing my personal knowledge.

Throughout 2022, I have gone full-out on growing my yoga knowledge. I received my 200-hour certification from YogaRenew Teacher Training, started teaching both Hatha and Vinyasa classes regularly, and even got trained in Restorative yoga which has turned into one of my absolute favorite classes to teach! I have delved into even more options for students to make their practice their own to make sure that movement is accessible and sustainable for everyone. I have become even more passionate about this and am always learning more!

My Sankalpa: I strive to create a space where students can explore the joy of movement in many different ways. I am committed to helping my students find a practice that helps them through various phases of their lives.


As of 3/5/202

Total Hours244.75

Yoga Sculpt classes - 405

Work Experience

October 2021 - March 2022

Sales Advisor

CorePower Yoga UWS

  • Inaugural Sales Advisor in NYC, within the first 20 members of the role across the country

  • In charge of sales for memberships and class packages to build studio members and overall class attendance

  • Top 5 in sales across the company for the duration of my role

  • Taught 5-15 Yoga Sculpt classes per week

March 2022 - Present

Studio Coordinator

CorePower Yoga UWS

  • Assistant manager at the UWS location

  • Managing the Studio Experience Team as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the business, keeping cleaning and other materials needed for day-to-day usage, and keeping the studio running.

  • Coaching teachers in all styles to ensure teacher quality as well as leading Continuing Education.

  • Teaching a minimum of 6 classes each week across. a variety of styles (C1, C2, HPF, Yoga Sculpt, and CoreRestore)

January 2019 - October 2021

Yoga Sculpt Instructor

CorePower Yoga across the Boston and New York Markets

  • Teaching 2-15 classes each week across. a variety of styles (C1, C2, HPF, Yoga Sculpt, CoreRestore, and Sculpt X)

  • Cultivating an inclusive, accessible, and supportive sequence for students of all abilities and backgrounds


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