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Facing Forward / Looking Back


This concert celebrates finding joy and awe in both everyday life and the unexpected. The human experience varies widely from person to person, with no two journeys alike. Through nature, love, and family, we all come together to discover awe and delight in its humbling effects. We aim to showcase the beauty and honesty of this message with our audience through French romanticism as well as English contemporary styles.

French art song has long been praised for its unique capability of depicting the world through rose-colored glasses, with melodies akin to the sweeping brushstrokes of the Impressionist movement. Through such romance emerges fundamental truths of the human experience which connect all walks of life. Contemporary English art song, on the other hand, offers a different view of discovery. Grief and reflection become our teachers, every bit as important as beauty and romance. Through humbling ourselves to those we share our journeys with, every one of us has the opportunity to revel in finding awe through every stage of life. May we always appreciate the wisdom that comes with the experiences of others and never cease to delight in the beauty of the unknown.

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